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I am a woman!!!!!

When I truly look at myself, and who I am as a woman I am amazed. I love my femininity and the power that goes with it. There is nothing about being a woman that I can’t use to my advantage. My life is moving in directions I couldn’t ever imagine and I`m loving the journey. .

I am more compassionate, sympathetic, kind and patient in nature. I can relate to the hurt and pain suffered by others and will go to any lengths to offer relief to them. I am emotionally stronger. This ability gives me the power to face any kind of challenge.

I can multitask. I have the capability to achieve the pinnacle in an organization, run successful empires and even rule nations. At the same time, I am the best judge at the home front as well. I know best what my family requires and attending to their needs is my most important priority. I am a pillar of strength and support to self and people around me. I am more beautiful than the other sex not only physically but internally.

Then why I am scared? Why I am not being treated as Equal partner to a man? Why I am being raped? Why I am being eve teased? Why I am looked down upon? Why I am not given the promotion I deserve? Why? Why? These questions trouble and cloud my mind and I continue living facing all the sarcasm, all the pain, all the humiliations…Because I am a woman!!!!!!

Please do not hurt me as remember I bring you into this world. I carry you in my womb for nine months, I go through all the labor pain, I bear all this because I love you. I may not eat but I will make sure you are fed because I am a mother .

When you disrespect me it hurts me internally , I lose my confidence, I lose the will to live , I am a human being so respect me because I am a woman !!!!

The recent rape in the city has shocked all, not because it is a rape but the brutality of it .I salute all the protestors who braved the cold to be out on the street to protest against this ghastly crime. But let us reflect why things are the way it is.

We need to look at the grass root problem , of course the onus lies with the government to make stringent laws but me as a citizen can I do something ?

I as a mother can educate my son to treat all women with respect, with admiration, with love. I need to treat while bringing up my son and daughter in the same way rather than questioning my daughter when she goes out and my son free to venture out at any time. The world will not change for our daughters until we make a change in our sons. I need to sensitize my son that household chores have nothing to do with gender. I must tell him that a girl is free to dress up the way she wants

The most important thing I can teach my children, whether male or female, is to treat others the way they want to be treated them. I must not let my son grow into a male chauvinist.

If I can do all this as a mother, schools can also do a lot by teaching gender equality. In India schools are busy finishing the curriculum and they forget that education is incomplete without teaching the child the important skills, the skills which are needed to emerge as a confident individual at the end of the school term. When a child passes out of school he or she is well versed with everything except the moral values which form the basis of any society. Let us not look at short term measures.

Sex Education needs to be introduced and appropriate curriculum needs to be designed.

But as a mother, as an educationist I am ready to do all but what about you, the High profile Government officers, our protectors …What are you doing? Are you going to hang the rapist or again will it be more about who can buy whom? Should Capital Punishment be given? Are you going to take years to decide or wait for another rape to occur and people come out on the street?

You living in those high profile offices spent a lot of money and time on deciding whether death sentence has to be given to Kasab , I can just imagine how long you will take in deciding this!!!!

This is my India, Wake up India!!!

Shalini Nambiar,
Excelsior American School