Teachers who are worst than criminals…

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Shano dies on Friday morning; sister says she asked for water, but teacher poured it on her instead… Eleven-year-old Shano Ayub passed away in the early hours of Friday, her frail body unable to survive the inhuman punishment in school two days ago…

This incident has come up thanks to the media but there’s a shano dyeing every day in some classrooms. not Death in the literal sense but some criminal teachers with their attitude make them incapable of doing anything in the future… which in itself is worse than death… because teachers with their callous attitude covert children into lifeless human beings who cannot question and just listen to what is being told… it happens everyday in some classrooms all over the world.

Why did the teacher had to resort to such inhumanly behavior… she is the result of the insecure society we have created… ..It’s a shame that such people are allowed to live and what if her own child was made to undergo the same punishment… I would really like to ask her… how would she react if her own 2 year old had to go through this trauma. I really think that teachers like her should be made to stand in the sun with their own two year old child for two hours… probably then she will realize… It’s an irony that in my career as an educationist when I interview people who are so keen to get into this profession… on being asked why do you want to be a teacher ?… promptly the reply comes… because it’s a half day job, lots of summer vacations… Ponder!! Think!! Reflect!!!

What a shame as the attitude alone tells you that the prime concern for entering into this job is the time… not the child… not his or her development… such people have a very short sighted approach and are demeaning a noble profession like teaching… It’s very well said that teachers cannot be made they are born…This is the profession for people who are passionate about children… and see their own child in every child they teach… You take the MSN case… the school resorts to the easiest way of blaming the child and the parent and suspending them… Why? Aren’t schools responsible for mending a child and caring for him or her… or are we working like prisons… just washing our hands off our most important responsibility… Schools should say get us any child and we shall work with him or her…

Does punishing children work? It definitely helps teachers & parents to believe that they are in control of their child. They are able to relax for a while until the next misdeed. Does punishment change children’s behavior? Yes, but only for a brief time. Usually children will continue to do the same things they were punished for.

Teaching is a noble profession and it is people like this who bring shame to this community… as per me even shouting at a child is a form of punishment because think!! Why do we shout… when we are not able to control our emotions… it’s a sign of insecurity and not being in control of the situation… Teachers often enter their classrooms unplanned and students are easy to judge that, they do not have any intellectually motivating activity for them thus the children who are bright after finishing their work start resorting to ways to keep them busy… maybe troubling others… and Teachers resort to shouting at them which is itself the cruelest form of punishment as you are disrespecting a child… I think what has taken place is more shameful than the Taliban incident which has been showcased on TV…

Every adult feels that he is having every right to discipline the child. Do they have? The discipline is not taught, it is learnt. The text books give information. The communication through teaching is imparting education. To attain wisdom, an abundant amount of common sense has to be added to education, which then includes discipline. Discipline is an attitude, character, responsibility or commitment.

The time has come to re-examine the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. Children are at receiving end both at their own homes and schools from parents, teachers and non-teaching school authorities. Almost all schools inflict corporal punishments on students for various reasons The corporal punishment is a regular affair in thousands of schools everywhere. Children not only carry overload of text books and note books on their tender backs, but bear the brunt of canes for silly reasons like socks not matching the shoe or lace not being properly knotted. Are we training an army or children…?

Punishment may deter a child from repeating act of indiscipline to some extent, but it cannot improve his understanding of the subject or make him intelligent ‘more’ than ‘his standard’ earlier

One of the troubles with punishment as a way to teach children proper social behavior, aside from the infliction of pain, is that it makes children feel weak, impotent and incapable. Punishment teaches children to look to external authority to decide for them how they should behave, rather than looking to themselves. They do not learn how, in collaboration with others, to make choices; they do not learn how to decide what is good for them and for those who are important to them. What they learn instead is to submit to authority and power, to obey. By being punished and treated as inferior beings, they become inferior beings – they do not develop the power of the human individual to love and trust. Children who are regularly punished learn to fear their teachers & parents.

It’s a shame that this incident has taken place and it’s my sincere request to the people… Please Please stay away from this profession if you do not have empathy, if you do not love children, if you do not have patience, if you do not have a mother in you, it doesn’t matter whether you are a B.ed as that qualification does not make you a teacher, teacher is next to God ,… we need human beings… people who are truly Human… who can smile with the child , reach out to him, Please remember we are dealing with live human beings and each word we say is lapped up by the child and we can actually make or mar his future… so think hard before you decide to get into teaching… don’t kill Shanno’s everyday…
God Bless Shano…
Shalini Nambiar

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April 19 2009 06:06 pm | Teachers

8 Responses to “Teachers who are worst than criminals…”

  1. Tony Vangelabbeek Says:

    Me too was terribly shocked when I read it in the paper … Unbelievable …

    But then I ask … are there perhaps strong tendencies in Indian society promoting inhumane behaviour not only towards kids but also to adults, mainly from other social class or other religions ?

    For most of the people Indian society is far too hard to be able to develop a balanced personality. That is what I think.

  2. Ask the doctor Says:

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  3. Ishaanika, Newzealand Says:

    It’s so true and very well written….well you seem to be a very passionate teacher as this article comes from your heart ….All people like the teacher Manju do is to put such a highly respected profession to shame ….start a protest ..we are there with you…..

  4. Sangeeta Anand Says:

    Shalini – I couldn’t agree more. I know of a recent incident where some 16-year-old kids were slapped and verbally abused atleast three times by the teacher and principal in India. It is rather annoying that such incidents continue to occur.

    Parents mostly accept the teacher’s word in favour of their children’s; it is the generation gap. Times have changed. This takes me to the point that social system is changing very fast. Children are a part of this change. But, parents are not changing. They need to involve themselves in the social life of their children.

    If parents choose to live in oblivion and stay attached to their inhibited views then they sure have a problem on hand. I wonder when the vicious circle – teachers-parents-children will break and sanity will prevail.

    I’d like to expose such teachers in media at some stage for damaging the emotional psyche of children leading them to lose self-confidence. Shalini – you are a principal –according to you what measures can be taken to avoid such situations?

  5. Kirti Says:

    Teachers can actually mar the career of several children…..it’s a real sad state and i agree with the author that there are Shannos killed everyday in the classroom by some inappropriate comment of the teacher…how can these people forget that they also or will have children who can face the same situation…..

  6. Sonia Says:

    I’m not sure if there’s a school-based team (consisting of the tahecer, school counsellor, vice principal etc) but I’d meet with them and discuss the issue and how best to approach the issue. Perhaps the child needs to spend some time with the school counsellor. Also, maybe have a meeting with the parents and the child. Let the child know that you have their best interest at heart and that you want the child to be their best self. Together with the child, create a contract with consequences. If they do this, they get ___ but if they don’t do it, they have something taken away like computer/tv time. But the parents also need to have some responsibility/consequences as well. By creating a contract together with the child, their input/negotion should encourage them to follow it. Sounds airy-fairy but it just might help. 🙂

  7. selecting the appropriate childrens shoes-21 Says:

    I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and amusing, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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