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Love Yourself

A recent call from a friend of mine stating that she has separated from her husband after 24 years of marriage prompted me to write this article. Is all the this worth it ??? Aren’t we sometimes getting lost in a vicious circle of looking after everyone that we forget the most important thing in life that is to Love oneself!!!! Think…ponder……

‘Love thyself’ ……….. ” A very simple statement but extremely important…..I agree that, for many people, self-love may be the greatest and most important love they ever experience in this lifetime. However, for so many people, “learning to love yourself” does not seem so “easy to achieve.” For most of us, genuine self-love seems so elusive, so much harder to grasp than we expected.

The possibilities are infinite. One way to learn to love yourself is to act as if you already do (i.e., “Fake it till you make it”).

We need to love ourselves to be content, happy ….. Love yourself. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself well. Replenish yourself. You will discover that, the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to give love to others – and the more others will want to be around you and give back to you. This is a win-win situation. Loving yourself will ultimately benefit the lives of others you encounter, as well as your own life.

Why do many people continuously get trapped in the vicious circle of relationships based on infatuation? It is simple: they do not love themselves, and therefore they are willing to forfeit their individuality, including their wants and needs, just to have somebody in their life. The degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you will be able to extend love to others, and inevitably to find the one for you.

Do you extend as much kindness to yourself, as you do to others?

Do you love yourself?

Take a few moments. Ponder on these questions carefully …………..

Are you guilty of giving up time with friends and family – or, perhaps more importantly, giving up the pursuit of your dreams — for the sake of another? If this is you, don’t panic or feel bad: you are not alone. Millions of people are in this vicious circle.

Finding the right person with whom to share your life is not the first focus of loving. The primary focus is how you live your daily life: it’s developing your capacity for loving yourself, so that you may better love those around you. It all centers on you. On a daily basis, increase the love you give to yourself. Be kind and loving to you. Start doing things for you. This is not being selfish: this is an act of self-love. You will be amazed how your new attitude towards giving and receiving love returns to you.

Love extended to others in a healthy way is like the knowledge that a teacher shares with his or her students

At the end of the class, the teacher retains the knowledge and the students have gained the knowledge. There is a world of difference between the person who possesses self-love and the person who does not. The former is truly giving in sharing love with others, whereas the latter is not. It all starts with loving yourself: this will allow you to give a more enriched love to others.

Your life and the lives of those you love are happening now. Your life today is not a dress rehearsal for another life you will have later… Live it with love now.

Shalini Nambiar,
Excelsior American School,