Do we really need to celebrate Woman’s Day?

  - March 11th, 2008 by Shalini Nambiar | Posted in General   4 Comments »
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This Woman’s day this SMS on my mobile inspired me to write on something which may sound extremely feminist but then one hardly gets an opportunity to express one’s innermost thoughts in this hectic pace of life. It said

‘A woman has strength that amazes men. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love and opinions. She smiles when she feels like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying, cries when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid. Her love is unconditional!!!. There’s only one thing wrong with her , she sometimes forgets what she is worth……’

Whatever, who wants to invest a lot of time and money in celebrating Woman’s Day?

What then, I wonder still, is International Women’s Day all about? Is it about the obvious political issues, the covert domestic abuse on the rise, or always present, but now brought out into the open? Is it only about Pro-Choice and Pro-Life? Is it only about Equal Opportunity? All things being equal in a healthy woman’s life, what, indeed, is International Women’s Day about? Does a woman with all doors open to her need more?

Looking around me, I feel that this day that the whole world is meant to celebrate, as if we must label days to remember what we really value —

The first seed of being weak is sowed by celebrating this day …how come we don’t celebrate International Man’s Day??????

Why we as woman have to be constantly reminded of our worth …aren’t we all aware and proud of being one.

There are certain things which still drive me crazy ……Why people have to raise their eyebrows if I like to travel alone….What is it about being alone that drives everybody else into such a tizzy? Can’t they just relax and let me be me? Do I have to explain to the world that I’m alone because I want to be? Next time maybe I should wear a tee-shirt that reads: “It’s okay to be single while on vacation. Please keep your comments to yourself.”

I have oftimes heard woman say “It becomes really difficult for the women who have desire to do both – work and family. I guess what women are allowed to achieve and allowed to hope for hasn’t changed that much. Men are still expected to do a full day’s work and so something’s got to give – and the women are usually the ones who have to take on the burden of everything, because parenting isn’t considered a call that both parents have to answer in the same way. Every time you read an article or a book about this, the solution is ‘women have to quit work’, that’s always the solution: quit, quit, quit. I think that’s terrible.”

Who will help women ….Its only us …havnt we heard of self help so why self pity…..Each one of us is responsible for the state we are in ….so instead of  screaming its so because  it a  Man’s world …..put on your best foot forward and enjoy….

Life is NOT what happens to you, it’s what you make happen. Keep reminding yourself that you can do this. Keep telling yourself you WILL get beyond this. Keep telling yourself you are strong and powerful and fabulous and you can and you WILL move beyond all this.

Shalini Nambiar
Excelsior American School

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March 11 2008 08:49 pm | General

4 Responses to “Do we really need to celebrate Woman’s Day?”

  1. Geeta Batta, Madurai Says:

    Well written…I strongly feel the same …leabve me alone becoz im a woman …let me do what i wnat to do …feel like screaming to this mad world why cant they just let me do what I want to do ….its not about being feminist but even our constitution creates this bias by allocating woman’s qouta ….why they feel we wre incapable of competing or are they scared?????

  2. Parul, Seattle WA Says:

    I second every single thing you said there! But… the thing is…i really do have double standards, i kind of like guy’s opening doors, pulling out chairs, offering seats on public transport – though nowadays i’m sure i get that more out of sympathy as they see me trying to restrain an active toddler than any chivalry, but hey – i’ll take it 😉

  3. sobhana kumary Says:

    It is mere humbug , this Internatuional women’s day and all.We are given such bits of carrots to pull on!!! How long we can hoodwink ourselves???? We have to come out of the cocoons. But I warn you, it is not safe to travel alone, let alone try to enjoy a vacation single. In our place if u do so u will either be in a rescue home or in a sex racket.

  4. Lara Bhatt, Delhi Says:

    Wow well it does seem gud to be a woman …..but yes as the first comment goes …i do like guys giving me a chair , offering to open doors etc …but hey I want my freedom….depends actually where u r …catch me walking all alone in Delhi even though I might scream my heart out …i nd a guy to go with ….as the second comment goes god knows where one will land up …but they say theres always light …so lets nt get discouraged and we should learn to take care of ourselves and a Good one from the author …lets celebrate the Man’s Day ….select the date …and Im all for it ….

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