Are You Stressed Out?

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‘How can You do it , taking your child for a movie , when there is a science exam the next day?’ This was the question asked to me by a parent during my son’s board exams ..Well, I as a mother have always felt that the children need to relax and enjoy during exams. It’s not the number of hours put in that makes a difference in the scores but the quality of hours put in. Once again the board exams are around the corner and one can see the stress atmosphere all around.

I strongly feel the most essential thing needed is to teach Stress Management.

Right from the early age, a child falls prey to the pressures and expectations by the outside world. As he grows old, the expectations amplify and the level of pressure on a growing child increases. A stage comes where the stress becomes a crucial part of life and dealing with the mounting stress becomes almost impossible. This leads to several mental, physical and emotional problems.

Examination stress has become a favourite subject of everyday conversation. It is not unusual to hear friends, family members and even children talking about the difficulties faced in managing stress. Stress plays havoc with exam productivity and has become a concern for parents. But many of us need to realize that stress is a very natural and an important part of life. Without stress there would be no life at all!

Exams mean reproducing information and not just receiving it as in lectures, hence they are stressful. As parents, we need to recognize the examination stress in our children. But most of the times we might be harbouring some myths about stress and making ourselves either over-relaxed or more tense. Sounds unusual? Truth is that most of us are either more stressed or more relaxed than our children. We might be transferring it to the child making her more stressed on one extreme and so relaxed on the other that she won’t bother to prepare well.

Stress is a normal part of life. It can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or anxious. And what is stressful to one person is not necessarily stressful to another. In small doses, stress can be good because it may motivate you to be more productive. However too much stress is bad.

sSchools today offer plenty of opportunities for educators themselves to experience stress. Some feel overwhelmed by new curriculum requirements. Others are working in crowded classrooms or unsafe environments. Teachers are key to promoting the mind/body connection and are the first to benefit from stress-reduction training.

I learnt Yoga to ward away stress and,. I never thought that something as simple as breathing down into my belly could draw me away from feeling angry or frustrated, Once teachers learn how to cope with their own stress, they’re ready to pass those skills on to students.

Shalini Nambiar
Excelsior American School

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March 07 2008 11:30 pm | General

3 Responses to “Are You Stressed Out?”

  1. Christopher Mathew , Delhi Says:

    Well ya sure some stress is important … sure helps….but an overdose can really bring trouble…we definitely need Yoga to be part of the education system …the stress is all over the world ….so why talk only in relation to Indian students…

  2. Parul, Seattle WA Says:

    Ahhhh Stress… to quote one of my friends “I hate to even admit it, but I was fantasizing today about voluntarily admitting myself to a mental health center. Ahhh. . . peace and quiet. Minimal germs. Sleep. Somoene else cooking for me. Sounds like a decent place to me!!”

  3. Parul, Seattle WA Says:

    forgot to add that she has TWO toddlers, a full time job and an overflowing toilet 🙂

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