A memorable walk in the park …

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‘Tell me I don’t bore you. Tell me I don’t drain you. Look at me somewhere other than the eyes — as I’m really not comfortable with eye contact and tired of being forced to make it for your benefit — and tell me that I deserve to be alive, And then act like it’.

She finally glanced at me and whispered , ‘ Thank you so much for listening to me as I am feeling much better ‘. She pulled her dog and walked off disappearing in the park while I kept sitting on the bench numb, eyes filled with tears and a feeling so intense which cannot be described ………

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To Sir With Love

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‘To Sir with Love……..what can I give you in return……’ The words of these songs long echo in one’s ears reminding one of the classroom every September, this week marks an annual ritual of living vicariously.

I knew it the instant I walked into Mrs Ghosh’s  kindergarten class in DehraDun that   I’m going to be a teacher. There was something about that classroom that was so wonderfully exciting, so inviting, so safe. It wasn’t just the room, of course, but the warmth, enthusiasm and dedication of a brilliant teacher who greeted me as I cautiously peeked into that room for the first time.

It was a wonderful year! Behind every vivid memory there is the teacher who told us stories and taught us to tie our shoes, took us to the pond to see the tadpoles, and helped us learn how to share, put things away and wait for our turn. She provided a learning environment rich in colorful and stimulating resources and activities, and yet had the grace and patience to allow me to indulge my preoccupation with “singing songs” even when it was the only thing I wanted to do for weeks at a time. She handled the rare discipline problem with gentle good humor and managed to treat each of us as though we mattered more than anything in the entire world.

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  • Shalini Nambiar,

     Shalini Nambiar