Love and Friendship

August 23rd, 2009 -- Posted in life | 4 Comments »

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” (Robert Frost).

It’s been long since I wrote… it was the excess work in which I had got myself involved… a workaholic and a perfectionist that’s what I am… but was somewhere losing to be in touch with my inner self. Writing has been a great stress buster with me as it allows me to unfold those thoughts which are wrapped up inside and need to be written to feel good… To feel happy… it’s an exciting journey… Writing short quotes on Facebook is also a way of releasing one’s emotions… but why should I tell the world what I did on a Sunday morning… what I did last night… Why do we do this ? We all need listeners and in this fast paced world we feel sometimes more connected to our FB friends… virtual friends than to people who are close by. Reflect… Ponder… am I getting serious… very unlike me… I’m not like this… but anyway feel like writing something so am…

The three magical words ‘I love you’ have an importance and so often people do not realize the magic that theses words can ensue on both the speaker and the receiver, In our society we shy ourselves from using theses words but think about it how nice one feels when somebody tells you ‘I love you’ continue reading »

  • Shalini Nambiar,

     Shalini Nambiar