Real education…… Being a Super Mom and Dad today!!!!

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Yesterday the Australian newspaper while interviewing me asked me a question which made me really think and reflect. It was a simple question asking me the difference between the education imparted when I was in school and now? It sent me back to those moments when I was in school.

How was my school day different than it is now… I realized there is a marked difference? My Mom did not even know what homework I got, once a while would ask me which teacher and what they did but it was not like a daily ritual when I got back from the school. Coming back from school, throwing my bag on the well made bed which I was supposed to do before I left for the school… the fun was enjoying what was cooked in the house and relishing each bite I took. I was not forced the minute I landed back home to show my parents what homework I had got. The conversation was more on laying the table and getting ready for a sumptuous meal. Then since I-Pod /Mobiles not being there it was a fight with my sister or just having fun. The only thing parents said was ‘Life main kuch ban jana parh likh kar’. She was not aware of which teacher said what as she was not interested. She was interested more in giving us real education which will help us to imbibe all those skills needed for survival in this big bad world. Read the rest of this entry »


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It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

It’s been long since I wrote. One gets so busy that sometimes one forgets to follow one’s passion. And since I write from my heart I need some incident to motivate me to write.

Yesterday while watching on TLC ‘I am not going to survive’ wherein they show how some people fight death being so close to it, it leaves a lump in your throat.

After Mom’s death, life’s like a big vacuum. Now one can understand the eternal connection of an umbilical chord which is taken so casually sometimes.

I just started reflecting that suppose today was the last day for me what are the things I would do because it is said if you want to be happy live each day as if it is your last and I truly believe in it.

I was surrounded by a multitude of questions and if indeed today is the last day then prioritizing what is important. It seemed like a Herculean task. Read the rest of this entry »


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Child is indeed the father of man… it’s been proven so many times. How much one can learn from them about life.

It’s been long since I wrote… Actually life becomes so busy and one is caught up with it’s natty grit ties… and you need an incident which inspires you to write

Well what I shall be sharing with you all, I can assure you only happens in movies or one has heard of such things happening in those long ago stories in Reader’s Digest. Read the rest of this entry »

Caning at La Martiniere, Calcutta…

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One is once again taken aback by the cruelty imposed on an innocent child by the Principal of the most prestigious school in Calcutta.

A lot of talks are going on and look at the sheer audacity of some people trying to put the blame on the little child. Some of the comment made by the alumunus is…

“If you look at a boy’s life, out of 365 days, he spends 210 days in school. Eighteen hours are everyday spent in environments other than the school. Why are we not looking at the different aspects which might have caused his death,” says Dr Ronen Roy, La Martiniere Alumnus.

Rouvan was caned by Chakravarthi on February 12. Four days later, he was found hanging in his room. In an interview to NDTV, Chakravarthi had admitted that he caned the boy, but said that linking the suicide to his corporal punishment is “stretching it”. Read the rest of this entry »


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Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections

When I received this message on my mobile my fingers started itching to write, some people often tell me that blogging means one should write frequently but for me it’s the pleasure of writing whenever I feel like, which stimulates me and the thought can come at the weirdest of  times. Well today it came when I had to stand in a line to make my payment at the shopping mall counter. I was observing the people around me and everyone was frowning and upset with the sales man for the delay and it seemed as if everyone had the most urgent work to do.. No one was willing to understand the poor sales guy who probably was new in his job and trying to get a hang of the computer. With so many people screaming at him he was taking more time and I could see his nervous fingers punching at the keys. I was wishing that people, instead of getting so restless could give him a smile and a nice thank you but we don’t believe in thanking.

Its been days since I wrote… always getting entangled with work… of course for me work is pleasure but I miss my writings… miss reflecting on each day… life is just going on and each day is an least that’s the way I like looking at it. Read the rest of this entry »

Learning to let go…

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A recent tragedy with a friend of mine that led her into depression encouraged me to pen down some thoughts which one has read so many times, one knows it’s tough but the tragedy of life is ‘that it is the only solution’…

She refuses to talk about it and has created a shell around herself which she feels will protect her… we often find solace in our miseries and thinking about what could not be is just a way of making us more miserable. How many of us are able to let the past go and move forward… I know its  easy to say  but very difficult… but then that’s the only solution to any problem.

How many of you have put off and put off sorting through a closet that you know is over-full with obsolete articles of clothing? And how many of you have agonized over whether or not to give an item of clothing away? Or pulled a garment from the give-away pile at the very last minute? One of the most challenging tasks we face in our wardrobe planning endeavors is the letting go of clothes that are no longer serving us. Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the child!!!

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‘Take care of your children as they will decide your nursing home’

Often in my career I come across parents who have problems dealing with their own child… this happens because in this super age we all want to be what is called..’Super-Mom and Dad’. Rules of this is very clear… My child must do what I tell him or her… My Child cannot fail… and an endless list of do’s and don’ts…

I feel like asking them have they actually understood the child… every parent forgets their own childhood and want to adorn their own children with a wide variety of do’s and don’ts

Let’s deal with some of the issues…
Teach Your Child Independence

When my son was a day or two old, my Mom said to me, “You have to realize that your goal as you raise him is to become independent of you. You are preparing him to be able to leave you someday and take care of himself.” It’s a well known fact of science that seeds which are dispersed farthest from the main plant grow up healthier than the one which fall under the mother tree. Read the rest of this entry »

A true incident!!! which teaches us a lot…

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When one is in the field of education each day is a learning day, each day a new adventure unfolds, each day we learn with them… no wonder long time back this quote came up … ‘Child is the father of man’… This incident took place in my school and I definitely want to share it with the world because in our hurry as educationists we start focussing on curriculum more than those important qualities which make’s a man.

I would love to share this incident which took place in Grade 2 A while I was taking their class yesterday. It is an eye opener for us adults and a very fulfilling thought as whatever anyone might say this is the kind of education which is important and mandatory. Read the rest of this entry »

Love and Friendship

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“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” (Robert Frost).

It’s been long since I wrote… it was the excess work in which I had got myself involved… a workaholic and a perfectionist that’s what I am… but was somewhere losing to be in touch with my inner self. Writing has been a great stress buster with me as it allows me to unfold those thoughts which are wrapped up inside and need to be written to feel good… To feel happy… it’s an exciting journey… Writing short quotes on Facebook is also a way of releasing one’s emotions… but why should I tell the world what I did on a Sunday morning… what I did last night… Why do we do this ? We all need listeners and in this fast paced world we feel sometimes more connected to our FB friends… virtual friends than to people who are close by. Reflect… Ponder… am I getting serious… very unlike me… I’m not like this… but anyway feel like writing something so am…

The three magical words ‘I love you’ have an importance and so often people do not realize the magic that theses words can ensue on both the speaker and the receiver, In our society we shy ourselves from using theses words but think about it how nice one feels when somebody tells you ‘I love you’ Read the rest of this entry »

Teachers who are worst than criminals…

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Shano dies on Friday morning; sister says she asked for water, but teacher poured it on her instead… Eleven-year-old Shano Ayub passed away in the early hours of Friday, her frail body unable to survive the inhuman punishment in school two days ago…

This incident has come up thanks to the media but there’s a shano dyeing every day in some classrooms. not Death in the literal sense but some criminal teachers with their attitude make them incapable of doing anything in the future… which in itself is worse than death… because teachers with their callous attitude covert children into lifeless human beings who cannot question and just listen to what is being told… it happens everyday in some classrooms all over the world.
Read the rest of this entry »

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