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$1 Million to celebrate one ‘Outstanding Teacher’ GEMS EDUCATION

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The UNESCO Institute of Statistics finds that India will need 20 lakh new teachers by 2015. A generation ago, teaching in schools was still an attractive profession, with some of the best students opting for it but with job opportunities mushrooming across sectors, it is now one of the last choices of a job seeker. In India, teaching is not seen as a high status profession and toppers tend to avoid seeking a career in it.


We are heading into an age in which jobs are likely to be invented and made obsolete faster and faster. The chances of today’s college kids working in the same job for the same company for their whole careers are close to zero. In such an age, the greatest survival skill you can have is the ability to learn how to adapt and the best way to learn is to have great teachers who inspire a generation and the best way to ensure we have teachers who inspire their students is if we recognize and reward those who have clearly done so. In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for an entire lifetime.

GEMS Education, a leading and the largest K12 provider in the world has instituted a ‘Global Teacher Prize’, an initiative to honour the Teacher. This groundbreaking award will recognize and celebrate the importance of teaching as a profession and the grand impact of teachers on the lives of their students, and the wider society. The Global Teacher Award seeks to do for education what the Nobel Prize has done for science, literature, peace and others.. For classroom teachers, this is the largest prize of its kind ever to be announced.

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     Shalini Nambiar