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Child is indeed the father of man… it’s been proven so many times. How much one can learn from them about life.

It’s been long since I wrote… Actually life becomes so busy and one is caught up with it’s natty grit ties… and you need an incident which inspires you to write

Well what I shall be sharing with you all, I can assure you only happens in movies or one has heard of such things happening in those long ago stories in Reader’s Digest.

Ms and Mr Excelsior 2010

(Left to Right) Saadat Khan, Urvashi Uberoy, Juh Yung

This event will go down in the annals of Excelsior History as what happened left everyone with tears and a feeling which is incomparable, such a feeling I did not even feel after winning any of the awards.

On the last day of school, 21st May 2010, I decided to have a fun event in the school of choosing Ms and Mr Excelsior 2010. Children from Grades VIIth and VIIITH were asked to give in their names for the event and were asked to prepare themselves for 5 rounds of Introduction, talent, question answer etc etc.

I invited two of our school parents to be the judges for the event. Judging the event was indeed difficult as each one of them was a winner with confidence oozing out.

Finally after a tie breaker round Saadat Khan was declared Mr Excelsior and Urvashi Uberoy as Ms Excelsior.

At that moment Urvashi requested if she could speak for a minute before accepting the award. I actually thought she wanted to thank but what she did could not be explained. She said that though as per the judges she has won but she feels Juh Yung who has worked very hard for this event deserves it much more than her. I was shocked at the turn of events and humbled and touched and couldn’t believe that a child could do this. She taught us something which one only sees in movies and cannot be imagined, I suddenly felt that she stood by what the Excelsior philosophy is of team work and support.

I really wished at that time I had a friend like that…In this competitive world people like this are rare and here standing amongst us though not wearing the crown Urvashi Uberoy stood tall and a star in the true spirit. Everything else seemed so timid and small.

Excelsior is very proud of Urvashi and our sincere and heartfelt congratulations to her parents. They are blessed to have a child like that.

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4 Responses to “A TRUE WINNER…”

  1. Maurice Says:

    Excellent …kudos to Urvashi ….Unbelievable that such things do happen …it makes one have belief in the fact that the world does have good people

  2. Alok Says:

    Yep, this is outstanding gesture!

    On a side note, this incident is nothing but another pointer to a fact that we, humans tend to travel much farther – than we were initially programmed for- in the mad pursuit of our goals……………..With a 21 month old at home, I see that process of de-generation gaining momentum everyday-bit by bit, incident by incident……..and then we become adults!!!

  3. Feng Says:

    I have never read such a wonderful article and I am coming back tomorrow to continue reading.

  4. Rajeev Says:

    @Shalini, please pass on my best wishes to Urvashi and thank her for being so honest. I really wish, that we adults learn from her.

    (Published Author, Teacher/Trainer)

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