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Caning at La Martiniere, Calcutta…

June 19th, 2010 -- Posted in Teachers | 8 Comments »

One is once again taken aback by the cruelty imposed on an innocent child by the Principal of the most prestigious school in Calcutta.

A lot of talks are going on and look at the sheer audacity of some people trying to put the blame on the little child. Some of the comment made by the alumunus is…

“If you look at a boy’s life, out of 365 days, he spends 210 days in school. Eighteen hours are everyday spent in environments other than the school. Why are we not looking at the different aspects which might have caused his death,” says Dr Ronen Roy, La Martiniere Alumnus.

Rouvan was caned by Chakravarthi on February 12. Four days later, he was found hanging in his room. In an interview to NDTV, Chakravarthi had admitted that he caned the boy, but said that linking the suicide to his corporal punishment is “stretching it”. continue reading »

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