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Learning to let go…

October 5th, 2009 -- Posted in life | 11 Comments »

A recent tragedy with a friend of mine that led her into depression encouraged me to pen down some thoughts which one has read so many times, one knows it’s tough but the tragedy of life is ‘that it is the only solution’…

She refuses to talk about it and has created a shell around herself which she feels will protect her… we often find solace in our miseries and thinking about what could not be is just a way of making us more miserable. How many of us are able to let the past go and move forward… I know its  easy to say  but very difficult… but then that’s the only solution to any problem.

How many of you have put off and put off sorting through a closet that you know is over-full with obsolete articles of clothing? And how many of you have agonized over whether or not to give an item of clothing away? Or pulled a garment from the give-away pile at the very last minute? One of the most challenging tasks we face in our wardrobe planning endeavors is the letting go of clothes that are no longer serving us. continue reading »

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     Shalini Nambiar