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A true incident!!! which teaches us a lot…

Posted By Shalini Nambiar On August 29, 2009 @ 12:29 am In My Classroom Experiences | 6 Comments

When one is in the field of education each day is a learning day, each day a new adventure unfolds, each day we learn with them… no wonder long time back this quote came up … ‘Child is the father of man’… This incident took place in my school and I definitely want to share it with the world because in our hurry as educationists we start focussing on curriculum more than those important qualities which make’s a man.

I would love to share this incident which took place in Grade 2 A while I was taking their class yesterday. It is an eye opener for us adults and a very fulfilling thought as whatever anyone might say this is the kind of education which is important and mandatory.

Some children had thrown another child’s pencil box in the dustbin and the concerned child was really upset so we decided to search the whole class but could not locate it. After a long time it was found in the dustbin. I took a circle time with them and told them that we have a camera in each class so we will come to know who has done it and that child would not be allowed to come to school from the next day.

My main intention while taking the circle time was making them understands that it’s all right to make mistakes but what is needed is the ability to know when we do something wrong and the courage to admit it.

They all thought for some time and after that Ananya and Krishna stood up and Ananya said that ‘Ms Shalini, I would not like you to punish any of my friends by stopping them from coming to the school and I am ready to take the responsibility for the same’. It actually brought tears to my eyes as this was indeed the real education. Krishna seconded the same thought and finally the child who had thrown it admitted.

We clapped for all of them.

Sometimes I meet parents who insist that the child is not doing anything in math or English etc. Of course that is also equally important but we must remember the school needs to prepare children to be happy adults, content and confident to take the whole world by storm.

Most of the people who have excelled in this world, the reason behind their success is not only literacy but qualities like commitment, hard work, dedication, honesty and oft times schools in their hurry to complete the curriculum neglect these.

Look around yourself and think of even one person who you feel has been successful and think of that quality which has led him to achieve that and I know the answer to this for all of us will be the same.

May God always help me to achieve this and I believe nothing is impossible.

Shalini Nambiar
Excelsior American School.

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