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My Experience As A Parent Seeking Admission…

October 15th, 2008 -- Posted in life | 13 Comments »

‘What did you have for breakfast today, Little child’?’ asked the Principal sitting on the table with 5 other people to my Daughter. Tanya looked here and there, fiddling with her fingers, looked down, then looked at me for a reassuring feeling and just ran out. ‘I am sorry. Mr and Mrs Nambiar, your child lacks confidence’ wow! what an answer… NEXT…

Next School, ‘So you are not well’, can you sing a nursery rhyme for us, ‘ Tanya screamed, No, I wont and ran out. Reached back home with a feeling of failure, a feeling which I never felt when I had not done well in my Hindi Paper in Grade X. Feeling of shame as if I have failed my daughter.

Next school the next day, Principal glared at us from behind his spectacles, ‘So what do you earn?’ ‘Sir, I am looking to admit my daughter for Nursery, How does it make a difference with what I earn,’ ‘Ok, Ok, where do you work?’ ‘I am a housewife and spend the whole time with my daughter’. Actually Mrs. Nambiar we are sorry the school policy is we prefer working mothers. continue reading »

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