Reflections!!! Humans understand the language of silence and love

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Reading an article on another Blog prompted me to write about my visit to the Mother Teresa’s  Old age home, nestled at Chhatrapur, New Delhi.

My first trip to this happened by accident…  was looking to visit some Friend’s farm house and landed at this place. It required immense intrinsic courage to enter that place…  I had never visited any place like that…  had probably never faced the harsh realities of life…  didn’t know such things happen had only read about them in the newspaper. I was dressed in salwar kameej and my favourite silver bangles and on my forehead adorned a long bindi…  The minute I entered…  these frail souls all gathered and wanted to touch me, feel me, touch my bangles, could see the glow on their faces when my bangles made that tingling sound. They touched me all over as if I was from an alien world. It dawned on me they had had no visitor since long… they all shared a common bond… REJECTION…..Nobody cared…..I left the place in a hurry promising myself to return again with something for them…  left with eyes brimming with tears……..and one thing which I noticed was there were more women there than men….

Woman… laxmi… mother… sister… the same woman must have spent sleepless nights to bring the little one to life….bore him or her for nine months in her womb… gone through the labour pain….and spent sleepless nights to feed her child…  to be with them at all times.. and this is her fate… reminds me of those famous lines…  ‘Abala teri yehi kahani…..chaati main hai doodh aur ankhon main hai paani… ‘

I could not sleep for days after my visit….but the loneliness and emptiness in their eyes kept calling me back and so I visited the home again with a motive to sit with them and learn more about their lives.

As I was taken around by the nun, I was appalled to see one man chained and screaming his lungs out to let him go. I asked the sister what’s wrong….what she told me left me in tears….He has been in this state ever since he spent all his Life’s earnings to send his one and only son to US and the minute the young child reached his dream destination, he cut off all ties with the old father for whatever reason. All he does is send him a dollars cheque every month…  does he need that at that age ????

There I met another Uncle from one of the affluent families of Lajpat nagar who has also been abandoned by his kids once he signed the property papers hoping that his son would take care of him and here the son has left him at the old age home…

A woman who had been abandoned because she would try and play with the grandchild and which the high profile daughter-in-law would not like as there would be germs…..and many more…..

I was overwhelmed by emotions, by feeling of emptiness within me and a fear…  an unknown fear….could not decipher it…  feeling of sickness towards what we call society…  is this where our value system has depleted….we are visiting the malls, cinemaplexes and spend thousand of rupees to be happy and here this is what future holds for may people..the thought scared me….

Well, I decided to visit the Home with my school; children during Diwali time,hoping I will be able to imbibe the right values amongst them at least I visited the institute a day before to ask if there was anything in particular they needed that we could get with us, the Sister said, Oh, there are many things they need. But, Please do not get sweets…. Surely enough, there were boxes and boxes of sweets at the home, sent by children and relatives for their mothers on the festival. Boxes of sweets for old people, most of whom were diabetic or had other health problems. And could not eat them anyway. Boxes of sweets,  for the old people, and not a single visitor, from any of the families.
What they need is love, they need somebody to come and spend time with them. These are the old people,  who many of them have been abandoned by their own children.

Five days before Diwali, we left for the home with a whole lot of daily necessities which they need like toothpaste, soap, washing powder etc and danced with them and played with them. It was a feeling of immense satisfaction as we definitely left them happy and I’m sure they will live in that wonderful memory for days.

My appeal to the people is just don’t send them things only…  pay a visit to them….they need human beings not stuff… I’m sure if every person in the society decides to visit them at least one day in their life they will have hoards of visitors everyday. Let’s bring a smile back on their faces… Because life is strange it can be anyone of us there tomorrow…

Shalini Nambiar,
Excelsior American School

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June 28 2008 10:34 am | General

7 Responses to “Reflections!!! Humans understand the language of silence and love”

  1. Robin Says:

    Heart touching article and yes they say life takes a full circle so watch out people and be kind to others becoz u dont know when we’ll need them….

  2. ekta saxena Says:

    Very inspiring article. Its commendable that young kids visited the old souls. These experiences are indelible impressions on young minds. This is high time when we must pay due respect and care for the senior generation. They deserve it after undergoing the whole whirlwind of life!

  3. Gurpreet Singh Says:

    Very realistic article that shows the true face of some relationships in this hostile world.

  4. Anil Dhyani Says:

    Well written article Shalini..The only mistake we all do every time is “EXPECTING” something…The day we forgo expectations for anything from any quarters, much of our miseries will evaporate..

    We have changed, our society has changed, our values, our ethics and way to judge is changing every day. Some call is progress and some call it modern outlook..I however always wonder, why with so much advancement in every field, we still yearn for company, still cry and still smile..So in the end we r still humans..I wish many of us wud join U in ur endevour for this noble pursuit…Keep it up!!!

  5. jyoti Says:

    Its really a soul shaking and heart touching article. It tells us the dark side of the life. I salute you for the great job you have done i.e. taking your school children for a visit to old age home. I hope many of us would like to follow this practice. Congratulations.

  6. pooja Says:

    dear mam’
    tanya asked me to read this blog of yours and honestly, i could visualise every piece of word written here…the pure thoughts and overwhelming feeling from the heart for the abandoned. It’s a sorry state of us children that we leave the aged to look after and live for themselves when they need the most love and care, and feel satisfied with just a human presence around.

    I have alaways been associated with philantrophy directly or indirectly and always wish to do something for the less previleged, in whatever capacity i can….and with gods’ grace, i am already doing a bit from my side.

    regards, pooja

  7. トリーバーチ 靴 ラバー Says:

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