Unleashing The Child Within

  - April 29th, 2008 by Shalini Nambiar | Posted in General   8 Comments »
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Each of us has a little child residing within ourselves. This little child has been with us all along, even through our adult lives. The “little you” has been another voice from within yourself that has guided and directed you in many areas of your life.

It makes me think about how children are free to associate and create in such imaginative and innocent ways. Ways in which we adults have abandoned or surrendered either through society’s demands to conform to certain rules, or through that slow fade away that happens when as least suspect- even though we swore to never part with our creative innocence and sense of wonder about the world around. Children have a freedom about them that is unfettered by experience, philosophies, and the rigors of the world, an innocence that we as adults so often envy, or wish we could access.

How sad it is that becoming an adult means leaving these things behind.. While dealing with children in the classroom I’m so overtaken by their innocence, their ability to say what they want to ……I really miss it .

Look deep within your heart and I’m confident each one of you is able to relate to this. In the rush through our hectic days, many of us are so busy being “adults” by addressing our responsibilities and obligations that we forget there is still a part of us that is essential to our well-being and happiness….the child within us.

As an adult what I’m doing confirming to rules set by the society around, always trying to think before I speak, always trying to hold myself, trying to fit myself in that enigma which is Life…..rules set by others …why cant I scream when I want to , climb trees, give up worry, guilt and shame, follow the butterflies, act silly, take bubble baths, hold hands, hug and kiss and dance, ..I cannot scream because I’m an adult, I cannot hug because I’m an adult, I cannot do what I want to because I’m an adult and supposed to be mature …..and understand everything,,,WHY????    I ask this question repeatedly     WHY?????

P.S ……I would welcome comments on this

Shalini Nambiar
Excelsior American School

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April 29 2008 11:23 am | General

8 Responses to “Unleashing The Child Within”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Hats off to the writer… We move to much on the rules set by others and we tend to forget our own selves.. and develop a shell around ourselves of this damn society.. thats the time we should luk at the child within..

    Cheers Writer.!!!!

    God Bless you..

  2. Parul, Seattle WA Says:

    Sad, but true!Growing up is just not all that it is cracked up to be…

  3. Rohit Says:

    Yups…we all hbv a child within and we need to let it go ….Becoming an adult one has to really give up so much ….but’s I feel the grass looks greener on the other side …when I was KID I wanted to grow up fast nd wear my dad’s shoes ..and now when im all grown up i want to be in my child’s shoes….Cheers!!!!!Shalini !!!! well done

  4. Rupali Says:

    I read both the articles ….’Being alone in a crowd and Unleashing the child within……and found them very heartwarming and soul searching. It is a fact of life all the things that have been highlighted. There is also a point …..in one’s life when the needs for others to understand or that someone special to do so arises whether a spouse/ partner/ friend…. when even that disappears I feel it’s not one’s lowest point though it seems so at that time but it’s really very freeing……….

  5. sobhana kumary Says:

    Dear Shalini
    You always write what I want to say loudly. You speak from my heart. A child wants to grow up quickly, an adult wants to go back to his childhood days…….. may be these r some of the enigmas always left unanswered……

  6. rahul Says:

    The article is excellent….it touches one’s heart and makes one really wonder…yes we all pretend…pretend to be adults..the child within which is dyeing to come out is buried ..and thats the reason many people lead a discontented life as they never do what they really want to but do what others want them to do ….

  7. Balaganesh Says:

    Hi Shalini,

    i was never been a teacher or i would say never liked to be one.i was confused and exhausted, I could blame the olden unstructured or the unplanned academic activities of which most of the adults who were ones children felt the same.
    however, i too have the ‘little me’ it has pleasantly lingered in my thoughts most often to get back there and chase my pup and fly kites.
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  8. Ronit Says:

    Hey…excellent post ….its the people who do things differently excel in life …most of the people want to go along with the sea and do not have the courage to go against the storm and such people are the majority and they lead a very ordinary life cribbing for doing things they wanted to do but never did. ………one has to have the courage to face the world and do what one feels like rather than confirming to traditions and society…..hats off to you author…would love to meet you as your article is truly inspiring…………

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