A memorable walk in the park …

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‘Tell me I don’t bore you. Tell me I don’t drain you. Look at me somewhere other than the eyes — as I’m really not comfortable with eye contact and tired of being forced to make it for your benefit — and tell me that I deserve to be alive, And then act like it’.

She finally glanced at me and whispered , ‘ Thank you so much for listening to me as I am feeling much better ‘. She pulled her dog and walked off disappearing in the park while I kept sitting on the bench numb, eyes filled with tears and a feeling so intense which cannot be described ………

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What is the purpose of Education ?

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A distraught child walked into my room with her aunt, looked devastated, eyes were full of sadness and anguish and exclaimed ,’I am a failure, and every child in my class teases me so I just don’t want to study anymore ‘.
I asked her, ‘Why do you think you are a failure?’ ‘I am, as I have failed in Math and Science, I am dumb and have no interest in living now ‘, ‘
I asked her ‘What do you like to do? ‘, She said with excitement in her eyes, ‘Paint and sing’.
Come April and so many children think like this that they are a failure as schools decide to detain them and not promote and quite rudely ask them to take their TC and move to different schools.

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It’s My Life !!

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‘It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth  and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Probably God read my FB post which said ,’I am going to be very busy in my afterlife’ ,as the list of people I need to haunt is growing bigger each day and he realized that I can be a pain in the neck so preferred my haunting people in this life . We as human beings have two options ,either we can cry and lament or perceive happiness and fun in everything. I somehow have been lucky and belong to the second category of people and love to explore, hunt happiness in each and everything in life.

I had high fever and was shivering , the Doctor said I had viral so I gulped the medicines but on 30th Dec I could not breathe , I was sick and could not express what was the problem with me . I was rushed to the hospital and as I was wheeled into the ICU on 31st Dec 2014 my mind was blurred and I was scared and in pain. The question which kept emerging to me was why me? There are certain things in this world for which there are no answers.

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$1 Million to celebrate one ‘Outstanding Teacher’ GEMS EDUCATION

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The UNESCO Institute of Statistics finds that India will need 20 lakh new teachers by 2015. A generation ago, teaching in schools was still an attractive profession, with some of the best students opting for it but with job opportunities mushrooming across sectors, it is now one of the last choices of a job seeker. In India, teaching is not seen as a high status profession and toppers tend to avoid seeking a career in it.


We are heading into an age in which jobs are likely to be invented and made obsolete faster and faster. The chances of today’s college kids working in the same job for the same company for their whole careers are close to zero. In such an age, the greatest survival skill you can have is the ability to learn how to adapt and the best way to learn is to have great teachers who inspire a generation and the best way to ensure we have teachers who inspire their students is if we recognize and reward those who have clearly done so. In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for an entire lifetime.

GEMS Education, a leading and the largest K12 provider in the world has instituted a ‘Global Teacher Prize’, an initiative to honour the Teacher. This groundbreaking award will recognize and celebrate the importance of teaching as a profession and the grand impact of teachers on the lives of their students, and the wider society. The Global Teacher Award seeks to do for education what the Nobel Prize has done for science, literature, peace and others.. For classroom teachers, this is the largest prize of its kind ever to be announced.

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What should I wear??? I am a woman !!!

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I am a woman and live in a free country so why I can’t I wear what I want to. I have been brought up in a family with complete Indian traditions and culture and I know those …I need to respect my elders, I need to take care of my family and many many more.

But my family did not say that they will issue diktats on what I should wear and when? I am an educated person so I know I cannot wear a bikini for a wedding but the recent remarks by Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party MLA Lavoo Mamledarwho  has asserted that bikinis are against Indian culture and, if at all, Goa should have private and paid “bikini beaches “has left me angry, speechless ,

I love salwar kameez , sareer, skirts, jeans and bikini so naturally education and family has made me aware of what to wear when, then why do I need the law custodians to tell me what to wear?

Why In India woman are being treated like this????

We just cannot stand there and blame the law as we need to change the mindset of the people. I strongly feel, being a feminist that I am, that men are always looking for opportunities to control woman. They live in ivory castles where they assume that they are powerful and have this innate desire of controlling the other sex.

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Education needs to change!!!

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With the world changing rapidly it is creating unknown challenges, opportunity and unpredictability. We as educators are trying to educate a generation without being aware of the different kind of jobs which will be available 10 years hence, what are the skills needed to survive in the globalized world yet we are trying to reform, improve and work on an attainable solution. We are well aware that these challenges will require new thinking and collective action.

Schools of tomorrow need to be different… even at the present moment one can see students struggling at school, though we have progressed but still the focus in schools of student excellence is by  what a child scores in his tests/exams.

If I look back at my own school days and the teaching style that existed then and compare it to now not much has changed except the fact that the classrooms are swankier with smart boards/projectors/computers/tablets etc Read the rest of this entry »

Social Networking sites a boon or a menace for children!!!!

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We are living in the 21st century and today’s child is far more intelligent, aware, more traveled [I am talking here of the city kids]. Social networking sites especially face book has become an important part of our lives. Whatever one may say the children are always one step ahead of us so how should we tackle this issue?

Face book, twitter etc etc are a part of everyone’s life and most of the discussions are focused towards keeping them away from the children..Can you do it? Can you justify that to yourself when you yourself are using these sites?

We in India love living with double standards where what is good for me is not good for the children. That is the reason that more and more children are addicted to this without even understanding the consequence. We behave more like an ostrich that ducks every time faced with a question that we feel is not appropriate for the kids to know. At least 70% parents I have met want to be friends with their children on FB just to keep a track on them …Tell me who will like being stalked by their parents …..Parents are scared to have an open discussion and would try and keep a tab on them like this …

We need to keep ourselves updated with the latest and instead of restricting the kids my advice is let us be open and explain to them it’s advantages and disadvantages. There is no use blocking them as they will discover newer ways of reaching there. Human psychology is such that whatever is restricted is always more tempting not only for children but adults too. My views might sound radical to many but then I like to be forward thinking and believe very strongly that children understand logical reasons.

Social media present risks and benefits to children but parents who try to secretly monitor their kids’ activities online are wasting their time, according to a presentation at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

Thus have an open discussion with the children as they love it when we instead of advising them show them that we trust them and whatever we are saying is for their benefit. Restrictions never work.

 My strong recommendation to parents, that if you feel that you have to use some sort of computer program to surreptitiously monitor your child’s social networking, you are wasting your time. Your child will find a workaround in a matter of minutes. You have to start talking about appropriate technology use early and often and build trust, so that when there is a problem, whether it is being bullied or seeing a disturbing image, your child will talk to you about it

I encourage parents to assess their child’s activities on social networking sites, and discuss removing inappropriate content or connections to people who appear problematic. Parents also need to pay attention to the online trends and the latest technologies, websites and applications children are using.

  Below is some information for parents about social networking sites: what they are and how they are accessed, potential dangers to be aware of and how to protect your child while they visit such websites.

Bullying, wrong doings are more common amongst children who do not have an open atmosphere at home.



Privacy is always a concern for any communication exchange carried out online and children often do not understand the risks involved in giving out too much personal information on the Internet. This is of particular worry when such information is given to an individual who your child does not know personally to; they may argue that someone is an online ‘friend’ but to all intents and purposes that person is effectively a stranger. To many children the online world isn’t the same as the real world and they can often behave in a way they would never do face to face, and say things they would never say, leaving them much more vulnerable in an online environment. They may also be less protective of personal details such as their mobile phone number or address, which could have undesirable implications for them.


Unfortunately some users can harness social networking sites to carry out ‘cyber-bullying’ where malicious comments are posted online about an individual and/or that user receives abusive messages or other content. Some tech-savvy users may even be able to hack into another user’s account to harass them so it’s important your child is aware of these dangers and understands they must be reported as soon as possible. As social networking allows people to take on a different online persona, this can encourage individuals who wouldn’t be a bully in the real world to take part in unpleasant activities because their real identity can be covered up.


Another risk is that of cyber-stalking, or harassment on the Internet.

Age-inappropriate content

The Internet provides access to all kinds of content at the click of a mouse – but not all of that content is suitable for children and young people to see. While you may have the appropriate parental controls set up on your computer your child may still be able to access inappropriate material if someone in their social networking circle makes it available to them.

Online grooming

The most distressing threat to a young person’s safety on social networking sites is that of online grooming. Sadly the possibilities for anonymity that the Internet offers means that pedophiles use social networking sites and chat rooms to befriend children and teenagers, gaining their trust online with a view to then making actual physical contact with that child. By using highly deceptive means, i.e pretending they are the same age as the child they are communicating with, they will find out information about that child – where they hang out, which school they attend etc. Once a predator has gained the trust of a child they morph from ‘buddy to bully’, exposing children to inappropriate sexual imagery and content, and manipulating them into doing what they want.

Identity theft

Identity theft isn’t limited to adults and now that more and more children and young people are using the Internet regularly they are becoming more vulnerable to this very serious crime. The naive posting of personal details on your child’s social networking profile leaves them open to online identity theft so it’s absolutely vital your child never gives out personal details in any online context, including their address, phone numbers, email, and, if they are older, any bank or credit card information.

Emotional implications

In addition to the above it’s worth considering how your child may be impacted emotionally by frequent usage of social networking sites. Some experts have warned that sites such as Facebook can have a negative effect on children who are less confident and self-assured, as they can equate their happiness and success as individuals with how many friends they have on Facebook. Even if a child isn’t being bullied as such, they can experience self-esteem issues if their online network isn’t as big as their friends, or they have been excluded from a certain online group.

There are also concerns that young people are substituting their online relationships for physical ones, by spending more time in front of the computer than they do in the real world. And by not having to work at friendships, ironing out problems together when they arise - as is the case in the real world (on social networking sites you simply delete someone from your list of friends) - there is a worry that young people are losing their empathy and not developing the social and emotional skills necessary they’ll need as adults.

My serious advice to parents is setting some ground rules on home internet usage and showing some interest and understanding of your child’s online activities you’ll be helping to ensure their online experiences are as safe and happy as possible.

General tips for parents

  • Take a look at or sign up for some of the social networking sites yourself to get a feel for what they’re all about. It’s important that parents don’t feel left behind by new technologies, or intimidated by them because they think they’re not aimed at an older user. You’ll feel much more comfortable about your child using social networking sites if you understand some of the terminology and how they work.
  • It’s also a good idea to take a look at the privacy information or safety tips provided on the social networking sites themselves. You’ll then have a clear idea about how each site would help you if your child was the victim of online bullying, for example, or what measures they have taken to protect your child’s privacy.
  • Engage with your children about their experiences on the Internet, without making it seem like you’re snooping on them. Show interest in their online activities so they feel comfortable about sharing experiences with you. This way your child will not feel worried about speaking to you should any issue or problem arise, such as online bullying or being sent inappropriate content.
  • Try to set limits on Internet usage at home. It’s not a good idea for children to spend inordinate amounts of time in front of a screen, be it TV, games console or computer so make sure you set house rules on how the Internet is to be used at home: which sites can be visited, how long each member can spend on the computer, etc..


  • Help your child to feel confident about their place in the online community. Make sure that, just as in the real world, it’s important they never follow the herd if they’re uncomfortable about doing something. Peer pressure can make children publish information they may not wish to broadcast,.

Social media present risks and benefits to children but parents who try to secretly monitor their kids’ activities online are wasting their time.

Communication is the crux of parenting. You need to talk to your kids, or rather, listen to them. The ratio of parent listen to parent talk should be at least five-to-one. Talk one minute and listen for five.

 Yep, the bottom line is that technology is here to stay and in fact will only get faster and more complex. By parents giving their children the best gift… the power to relate, they may not stop the technology train but they will give them back what we as human beings were born to do… relate to one another in loving, caring, compassionate ways building real connections. 

Shalini Nambiar


Excelsior American School


I am a woman!!!!!

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When I truly look at myself, and who I am as a woman I am amazed. I love my femininity and the power that goes with it. There is nothing about being a woman that I can’t use to my advantage. My life is moving in directions I couldn’t ever imagine and I`m loving the journey. .

I am more compassionate, sympathetic, kind and patient in nature. I can relate to the hurt and pain suffered by others and will go to any lengths to offer relief to them. I am emotionally stronger. This ability gives me the power to face any kind of challenge.

I can multitask. I have the capability to achieve the pinnacle in an organization, run successful empires and even rule nations. At the same time, I am the best judge at the home front as well. I know best what my family requires and attending to their needs is my most important priority. I am a pillar of strength and support to self and people around me. I am more beautiful than the other sex not only physically but internally.

Then why I am scared? Why I am not being treated as Equal partner to a man? Why I am being raped? Why I am being eve teased? Why I am looked down upon? Why I am not given the promotion I deserve? Why? Why? These questions trouble and cloud my mind and I continue living facing all the sarcasm, all the pain, all the humiliations…Because I am a woman!!!!!! Read the rest of this entry »


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Teacher affects eternity… I really wish the teachers realize it. Over the last few months newspapers have been screaming about the atrocities conducted by the teacher… It is indeed a shame and being a true teacher my heart pains that why do such people take up this profession? Why? Why they want to spoil an innocent child’s life? How can some teachers scream at children, humiliate them? Can’t they feel the labor pain which a mom goes through?  Can’t they realize how an innocent parent trusts her with their child’s whole life? Why she does not realize that as a teacher she plays an important role in setting the attitude and behavior which when the child grows up will display? Why?

I get this sick feeling many times to give up this profession which is so close to my heart as sometimes I am unable to change people …I mean teacher s. My heart pains and I spend sleepless nights as to how a teacher can hurt a child……Why can’t they just make their classes interesting? Why can’t they just think from a child’s point of view ?… Why are they always blaming a child for their failure?

Please do evaluate yourself as it is not a 0800am to 02000pm  job as many of you perceive… A teacher can make or break a person’s whole life so tread on this profession only if you really have a burning desire to be… otherwise why not take up a corporate job. Read the rest of this entry »

I have a Dream….

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As an educationist I want to write about my dream about that little child who walks in with hopes and dreams in his eyes, my dream to make him a happy human being and successful in whatever he ventures in life.

Education is incomplete if it does not enable a child to have faith in himself, to dream big, to work hard to realize that dream. I still get tears in my eyes when I recall what I went through when I was in school for almost 6 years. I, as a child was extremely shy and a feeling of insecurity was there since I was always a plump child… I was nicknamed Fatty by all and how it use to hurt, I am sure you can imagine But My Mom gave me the courage and supported me throughout, taught me how important it is to face the world and listen to one’s heart.

There are hundreds of examples of people in this world who have believed what others have said about them and failed and there are just as many people who have refused to be influenced by the opinion of others and have been successful. Whatever I am today I owe it to my Mom… Read the rest of this entry »

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     Shalini Nambiar